2016 United Nations Habitat III Networking Event



Youth Initiatives in the Quest for Urban Inclusions: Emerging Voices and Networks



Dr. Janice Perlman 


Janice Perlman is an author, research scholar, consultant and lecturer. Her areas of expertise include international urban development; the poverty/environment nexus; multi-sector partnerships and research/evaluation methods. Thirty years ago Perlman founded The Mega-Cities Project, a global non-profit designed to “shorten the lag time between ideas and implementation in urban problem solving.” The project demonstrated the potential of local innovations to be scaled up into public policy and adapted to different urban contexts through a strategy for “sharing approaches that work”.


Francisco Sequeira Rankin


Francisco Sequeira Rankin is the Director of the Observatory of Human and Autonomous Rights (ODHA), founded by the Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University (BICU).   The Observatory is the only organization of its kind in Nicaragua that addresses issues related to autonomous rights and indigenous populations. He has coordinated projects in different municipalities (North and South Caribbean Coast) and worked to promote the participation of young people in the policies design at local levels.


Gizele Martins


Gizele Martins is a journalist graduated from Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) in Rio de Janeiro and is now pursuing a Master's degree in Education, Culture and Communication in Urban peripheries by UERJ-Febf. Currently, she organizes courses about community communication and the historical resistance of the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. She collaborates with some organizations in communication media that are made in slums, and with the Youth Forum in Rio de Janeiro. The latter aims to discuss ways to fight against genocide of black people in the country, removals, and communication and gender. Independently, she still produces materials and articles on topics related to the slums and the impact of mega events in Rio de Janeiro.


Mercedes Bidart


Mercedes Bidart is the Project Development Lead Specialist of the Cities Program of CIPPEC (Argentina´s principal Think Tank on social and economic policy). From there she works to help metropolis in Argentina and across Latin America to become smarter, more resilient and equitable. She is devoted to promote innovative strategies for improving metropolitan governance in order to enable improved coordination and coherence of public policy between and among territories that contend with different yet closely interrelated realities.


Ray Boyle


As co-founder of Our City Network, Ray Boyle works with cities, non-profits, private sector industries, and native creatives to help transform the landscape of our built environment through participatory culture. She has been creating participatory experiences at the city-scale since 2010, transforming bridges into green lawns, billboards into contemporary art installations, and building large-scale interactive art pieces for thousands. Her work centers around the belief that by creating non-polarized spaces for shared experiences, we can help bridge the divide between us and “the other,” and ultimately design communities that are more inclusive, healthier, and happier.




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